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:megaphone: Club News

:new: As we all know, dA has been running a few "club" tests- looking forward to possibly a section just for communities! Also, we're adding the manga cover page to the gallery- check it out!


:megaphone: Munto News

:new: Who said we needed to wait until the 26th? If any of you have been stalking "Blue Sky" the Munto community over on LiveJournal, you may have already heard... the first chapter of the Munto manga (in Chinese) has been released on the web. Whether this is a planned release or a leak, I doubt any of us are complaining.

Here is the link to the first chapter, and remember, it is in Chinese:

Thanks to mangaka_chan over on the LJ, we do have a summary avalable.


This DOES contain spoilers, so read on only if you arn't waiting for the official release.


The art is really different from the anime and the story is different as well. Here's a quick summary/translation of the chapter:

Yumemi and her friends are on their way to class and Yumemi meets a girl who whispers to her to watch the sky closely today. The girl (sorry, I can't translate her name ^^;) turns out to be a new transfer student to their school, and rumor has it that while she's from a wealthy family she's a problem child who's transferred to multiple schools. Yumemi goes to talk to her but the girl walks away. Not giving up, Yumemi tells her she's been waiting for someone like her, someone who's alone while suffering and running away. Abruptly the girl turns around and ask her if she's interested in the sky.

The scene then changes to Munto who's determined to bring back the Girl of Destiny. Gass appears and he thinks Gass is there to stop him. However Gass tells him he came because he wanted to hear his determination. After Gass leaves Munto dives down towards the Lower World but is interrupted by someone with powers similar to Gass. After taking a hit to his arm, Munto wonders if this is another Outsider.

I'm thinking the story will follow the same basic premise as the anime, namely Munto finds Yumemi, they restore the flow of Akuto, and meet again to end the war that rages over its renewal. The question is how much will the manga deviate from the anime and how much development will it have for the characters and the plot. Producing a manga is cheaper than making an anime series, but most manga adaptations of anime stories tend to be less thorough and less developed than the anime. Still in all honesty, I'm glad the manga is being told differently from the anime and isn't a complete rehash of things we've already seen twice, once as the OVA series, and once as the anime/movie. The art is different, but still quite nice looking, so I'm looking forward to following this and see where it goes, and hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised by what this version of the story can add to what we already know. :)"

- courtesy mangaka_chan

A few have noted that Munto and Gas in particular look a bit 'weak'. Hopefully the art will improve over time, which it almost always does.



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